Become a Muay Thai Influencer for social medias

🙏 Sawadee krap and Hello,

thank you for your collaboration interest. My name is "Seven" and i am the founder and CEO of Muay Thai Shop. We are a small family business with in-house production specialized in Muay Thai Shorts and Thaiboxing Shirts. All our products are hand-made by ourselves with ❤️ and passion here in Thailand - therefore we can guarantee the best quality!

We are looking for Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing practitioner and influencers who like to wear our Muay Thai Shorts to raise brand awareness. This is a handshake agreement. You don't have to sign anything. You are free to stop at anytime you want.

This is what we do for you:

1. We send you a package with our newest Muay Thai Shorts / T-Shirts / Tank Tops for free.
2. We promote you in our social media posts and stories.
3. You get a special 10% discount code which your followers and friends can redeem at our Muay Thai Shop
4. Customized Muay Thai gear with your name.
5. If we can do something else for you, please let us know. 

This is what we want from you:

1. High resolution pictures and videos from you and our gear in action.
2. Posts and stories on your social medias with our instagram tag
3. Use our hashtags #muaythaishort #muaythaishorts #thaiboxingshorts #muaythaishop
4. Comments on our social medias (minimum 4 words for the algorithm engagement) for example: "I love this Shorts"
5. We can use the pictures and videos that you send us for our social medias, online shop, newsletters, advertise etc.
6. Post regulary and keep your followers interested by quality content and pictures, stay authentic and please don't spam!

Here is a good example of an instagram post:

Tag us and use hashtags #muaythaishort #muaythaishorts #thaiboxingshorts #muaythaishop

Next step, choose any Muay Thai Shorts you want and send us your Address:

Phone number: 
Post Code:

Name of the shorts:



That's it. If you understand and agree what you just have read, send us your details by Instagram, Facebook Messenger or use our contact page.


Check out who's already on team Muay Thai Shop:

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THANK YOU ♥ to all Muay Thai Shop influencers for your support and trust.
CHOK DEE and sunny greetings from Thailand,

Your Muay Thai Shop Family 🙏❤️