What are Muay Thai shorts called?

Muay Thai shorts are known as "Sak Yant" shorts, reflecting the traditional art of sacred tattoos prevalent in Thai culture. These shorts are designed to optimize the fighters' performance with their unique characteristics. They feature high side slits that allow unrestricted leg movement, providing the fighter with the flexibility required for swift kicks, knees, and rapid footwork..

Why are Thai shorts so expensive?

Firstly, the use of high-quality materials that are durable and provide better comfort during training or competition. Premium shorts also feature advanced designs, superior stitching, and attention to detail, ensuring a better fit and increased longevity. The use of lower-quality materials in cheap Muay Thai shorts may increase the risk of injury. Lower-cost, lower-quality items initially may lead to additional expenses in the long run - "you buy cheap, you buy twice". Better purchase original Thai Boxing shorts that are handmade in Thailand supporting local family businesses and the Muay Thai community.

How to fit Muay Thai shorts?

Finding the right fit for Muay Thai shorts is essential to ensure maximum comfort and mobility during training or competitions. To get the perfect fit, follow these simple steps: Measure Your Waist: Use a measuring tape to determine your waist size accurately. Consult Muay Thai Shorts Sizing Charts: Different brands have their sizing charts, so refer to them while selecting the appropriate size. Consider Your Preference: Some fighters prefer a tighter fit, while others like a looser feel. Choose the style that suits you best.

Why are Thai shorts important?

Muay Thai shorts go beyond being mere sportswear; they hold a symbolic significance for fighters. These shorts often showcase unique designs and colors, representing the fighter's identity, gym, or even their country. Donning the right pair of shorts can instill confidence, set the right mindset, and ignite the warrior spirit within the fighter.

Can you wear compression shorts under Muay Thai shorts?

Yes, wearing compression shorts under Muay Thai shorts is a common practice among practitioners. Compression shorts provide essential support to the muscles, reduce muscle vibrations, and aid in muscle recovery. Moreover, they keep everything in place during intense movements, ensuring a comfortable and distraction-free training session.


In conclusion, Muay Thai shorts play a vital role in a fighter's performance and identity. With their unique design and functionality, they offer the necessary freedom of movement and comfort required for this high-impact sport. Remember to find the right fit and consider wearing compression shorts for added support during training or fights. Now that you are equipped with the knowledge about Muay Thai shorts, gear up with premium Muay Thai Shorts from Muay Thai Shop and unleash your true potential in the ring!

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